» Does Orderbook have any specifics?


April 9, 2019

Does Orderbook have any specifics?

On the right of the Tradeview page there is an order book for currently selected coin pair. In the middle - recent historical price (the price of the last successfully completed deal). Sell orders on top. Buy orders in the bottom.

Your own orders are marked with a colored icon. If you have few orders or more - this makes visually identifiyng orders and deals much easier. No need to compare orders/deals hashes.

Gray orders are the orders when owner goes offline. They are valid orders but will be executed later, when owner logins back online. So if you see a good price offer - you can post your matching offer and wait for another side (or someone else) to come online. If you do not want to wait for anyone - pick the order from the list of online (red/green colored) orders.

Due to the nature of atomic swaps and as a sideeffect of it - the UfoDex orderbook may contain overlapping orders that keep staying in orderbook and not being executed immediately. That’s pretty normal :)