» Get Orderbook (Poloniex style)


June 11, 2019

Get Orderbook (Poloniex style)


Returns the order book in Poloniex-compatible format for a given market, as well as a sequence number used by websockets for synchronization of book updates and an indicator specifying whether the market is frozen. You may set currencyPair to “all” to get the order books of all markets.

Request Parameter Description
currencyPair A pair like UFO_BTC or all
depth (optional) Default depth is 50. Max depth is 100.

Field Description
asks An array of price aggregated offers in the book ordered from low to high price.
bids An array of price aggregated bids in the book ordered from high to low price.
isFrozen Indicates if trading the market is currently disabled or not.
seq An always-incrementing sequence number for this market.

Call example:

Response example:

  "BTC_USDT": {
      "asks": [],
      "bids": [
      "isFrozen": "0",
      "seq": 1560277915626097729
    "UFO_BTC": {
      "asks": [
      "bids": [
      "isFrozen": "0",
      "seq": 1560277915621654923