» Get Trade History (Poloniex style)


June 11, 2019

Get Trade History (Poloniex style)


Returns trade history in Poloniex-compatible format in a range specified in UNIX timestamps by the “start” and “end” GET parameters.

Fields include:

Field Description
globalTradeID The globally unique ID associated with this trade.
tradeID The ID unique only to this currency pair associated with this trade.
date The UTC date and time of the trade execution.
type Designates this trade as a buy or a sell from the side of the taker.
rate The price in base currency for this asset.
amount The number of units transacted in this trade.
total The total price in base units for this trade.

Call example:

Response example:

    "globalTradeID": "452b70717a7b8c15.c5bf1e246cb30c3e3ed3504090cef49d24932c2d96de55fdbce6e35551b9a568",
    "tradeID":       "452b70717a7b8c15.c5bf1e246cb30c3e3ed3504090cef49d24932c2d96de55fdbce6e35551b9a568",
    "date":          "2019-03-16 16:11:38",
    "type":          "sell",
    "rate":          "3997.25000000",
    "amount":        "0.00200000",
    "total":         "7.99450000"
    "globalTradeID": "bd22a08570019615.c636ad129c01b26eb23832277a30b73c823e4b9e1c8705dee51fc73e1cc3e9fc",
    "tradeID":       "bd22a08570019615.c636ad129c01b26eb23832277a30b73c823e4b9e1c8705dee51fc73e1cc3e9fc",
    "date":          "2019-04-16 18:06:06",
    "type":          "buy",
    "rate":          "5015.00000000",
    "amount":        "0.01000000",
    "total":         "50.15000000"